3 Tips on being Eco-friendly in your beauty routine

Plastic free July has really been a hit in our home, and changes such as these are motivating me, and us to continue and add even more changes into our everyday routine to live a more eco friendly life and hopefully contribute to being less wasteful.

What is being Eco-friendly- to me

If you are asking “what exactly is eco friendly?” to me its being less wasteful whenever possible, choosing products that easily decompose. Or in regards to frequently used items; reaching for things that aren’t single use but rather that can have a longer life with us and not in a landfill. This in turn equates to being less harmful to the environment. I hope that answers your question. As a fellow Mama, and part of my community you probably notice we discuss skin care/ beauty routines a lot. Everything from AM/PM routine, to our makeup routine and so on. There are actually ways where we can all be a little more eco friendly within our unique beauty routines. These three tips I am going to chat about, we can all incorporate really easily. Lets dive into it.

3 Tips to being Eco-friendly

1.Say no to single use plastic bags when out shopping for your favorite products. Instead invest in a reusable shopping tote that can fold into a smaller bag and fit in your purse to quickly access when out shopping. I have listed some of my favorites in my Amazon Storefront. Plastic single use shopping bags can take up to 1000 years (this is not a typo) to decompose and often end up in landfills for that long.

2. Instead of buying loads of facial rounds to remove makeup, or apply toner, swap out the single use facial rounds for reusable ones. I have to admit this is something I recently incorporated, and I am loving it! It is not only a many saver but the reusable ones are easy to wash and they feel softer on my face which is a plus.

3. This tip is one that I have been practicing for a long time now, I have actually been using a facial bar to cleanse my face instead of liquid for about a year now and I love this bar. I talk about it a lot on my Instagram, not only does it last a long time but really cleanses my skin and removes any leftover makeup or dirt. You are probably wondering, how is this eco-friendly? Well most liquid soaps come in plastic….remember tip #1 we are trying to get a way from plastic. I wash my face twice daily if using liquid soaps that would equal to a lot of plastic empty bottles (unless I am visiting the refillery) when I’m done with them, which I want to try and avoid. Instead I use a Beauty Counter charcoal cleansing bar. This bar is packaged in box which is easier to decompose, and lasts probably longer than a liquid soap bottle.

How simple is that? Please remember we are all just doing our best, don’t hate me if you happen to see me with a plastic bag one day or washing my face with a liquid soap (it may have been a gift) LOL. But seriously, what I mean is that this journey does not have to be all or nothing, instead if we practice these tips sometimes rather than never we are still doing something to contribute to a better environment for our kiddos.

Please comment or email me and let me know if this was helpful to you and your home, also what else you would like to see up on the blog. Until next time!


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