Welcome! As you can tell by the title my name is Yamel, I am a Registered Nurse and Doula- owner of One Love Doula Services in Tampa, FL.  I also enjoy my role as the Model Manager for The Prego Expo for which I often get to travel throughout the country (if you see me come and say hi!). I am married to my High School sweetheart and together we have the pleasure of parenting five amazing children. Kurlycrown was born from community interaction, also from my desire to let my natural hair free. I experienced my first big chop over ten years ago, when I cut my hair all by myself at home! I vividly recall feeling scared, feeling ugly with this super short hair but  also have never felt so empowered. My natural hair journey has had its ups and downs, but it has also taught me so much about self-love. When I  decided to push through with Kurlycrown via a Facebook support group it was all because of the amazing people, who I often just happen to meet when out in public. These wonderful people that will stop and ask me about my hair care, my ethnic background and most importantly my natural hair journey continue to contribute to why Kurlycrown exists. Our conversations that often lead to genuine connections, in hopes that these conversations will contribute to individuals learning to love their natural crown.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you stay a while!

The Workspace

I happen to work in so many different settings and often dream of the perfect workspace. This workspace will have the perfect accent walls, little hints of inspirational quotes hung up and asthetically pleasing furniture. However, I am often just typing away while sitting at my breakfast nook with a delicious cup of coffee, with the sound of my children running and chatting throughout my home in the background. Your workspace can be anywhere and doesn't have to be perfect because often times our creative mind decides to put in the most work in the most unconventional settings. Work away my Queens!