Five ways to keep Summer alive

By now we are all swimming in pumpkin spice latte’s, Fall decor and booties, however why should we let go of Summer all together? Well maybe we don’t have to. Let’s chat about five ways to keep Summer alive for just a little bit longer.

Summer is just too short, the kids get to stay up just a bit longer, family time is sweeter and we are all just a bit more carefree.

Keeping Summer Alive

  1. Host a Barbecue! There is nothing that smells like Summer (well besides a beach) than a BBQ. Invite some friends and family over, and ask them to bring their favorite covered dish, and grill it up. Heres a pro tip- all the Summer themed paper goods are on sale, grab some to make it even more festive.
  2. You might recall how on tip number one I mentioned that Summer themed paper goods are on sale, well so are floaties and other inflatable donuts….grab some and let the kids take a bubble bath with their bathing suits on. Trust me, you will be parent of the year.
  3. Speaking of bathing suits, Fall and Winter time are the perfect time to book a tropical getaway! grab some matching swimmers from Kortni Jeane and consider visiting the Caribbean, such as Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic or perhaps Jamaica.

4. Purchase some water guns (also on sale due to not being in season) and have a water gun fight with the family.

5. Grab some bubbles and lunch items and have an afternoon picnic while blowing bubbles, this is fun for the kids and the adults.

I hope you enjoy these tips, and try some of them. Lets enjoy the change in season while keeping the fun and joy that Summer brings us.

Until next time!

XO, Yamel

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