Hello Sunshine!

Following our Miss Rizos in Tampa event this week, I was really overjoyed with the power that community and having your tribe has on us. Thus, I wanted to take the time to discuss how you can bring a little sunshine to someones life.

Before I go on to discuss that, let me just rave about these amazing hats by Honeymoon hats. I love Megan’s sweet story on how the hat company was born out of her desire to have a unique hat for a cruise, after all we all want a little bling. These hats are perfection and you have the option to create a custom one or have several for special events like your bridal party, how fun?!

Ok, back to bringing sunshine to someone’s life. Let me start by saying sometimes we have to get old school. My best friend doesn’t live nearby, I am in Florida and she is in New York so we bring each other sunshine by having our Mommy chats early in the AM before work. No texting or emails, we get to hear each others voice. Sometimes we cry, but more often we laugh like crazy. So I urge you to take a texting break (your wrist will thank you) and call someone you love, hear their voice and let them hear yours.

Another way to bring a little sunshine to someone’s life is to send snail mail. I LOVE receiving cards, my boss is so cute in the way that any little gift I give her I quickly receive a thank you card from her on my desk. It warms my heart and is so easy to do for others. I often purchase thank you cards to have at arms reach from stores like Michaels, that way I always have them readily available for family, friends, teachers…….or my wonderful boss.

My last tip to spread a little sunshine is to treat random people to Starbucks (for example- feel free to select another type of treat but we all know I love Starbucks). I have done this within several of the Facebook groups I am in- where I post the barcode to my Starbucks card (screenshot) and tell everyone to “grab a drink on me until the funds run out”. I receive so much gratitude. I have gotten messages where individuals say they had forgotten their wallet that day and needed a coffee before work. Feels so good to be able to sprinkle sunshine to others.

Get out there and try one of my suggestions, you have nothing to lose, and all to gain.

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