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It’s no secret cleaning, your home can be taxing. I personally love a clean home! A clean home helps me relax, it makes me feel overall great and I feel my family is less chaotic when the house is clean and tidy. What I did notice (in my attempt to always have a clean and tidy home) is that I was spending so much time obsessing and this task was taking time away from what’s important to me- my family.

I am the typical Latina, that would blast music on Saturday mornings (and other days and times of the week-big family problems) and run around the house for hours cleaning from room to room. I stopped and evaluated our family schedule AND budget, and decided this task was something I had to let go of, and get back some free time.

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Finding the right cleaning company

If your partner is anything like mine, their first reaction will be: “I don’t want strangers in our home”. I am not going to lie and say this wasn’t a concern of mine as well. So I did my research with the smartest people I know-other moms! I asked around within my community about professional cleaners, and what their experience was with these companies and the same name came popping up- Not Your Mother’s Housecleaners (NYMHC). I had crossed paths with owner Danielle, of NYMHC prior to reaching out for services and already noted how caring she was. Danielle previously donated a home cleaning service to a non-profit event I hosted last year during World Breastfeeding Week. It was a no brainer! I needed to sit down with her and really learn about what the process is like, I had never had my house cleaned by someone else other than myself or someone from my immediate family.

The hiring process

Danielle from NYMHC scheduled a time to come and look at my home, which I thought was a great touch. Rather than provide a generic quote over the phone she asked me questions, gathered info about what areas we live in the most, what products I like or dislike, and how they will have access to the home on days they come for service. She provided a quote and our first service was a deep cleaning #Gifted. She explained, they do a deep cleaning first as a foundation for them, this takes about four hours depending on size of home and that way your scheduled weekly or bi-weekly service goes smooth for you and them.

Photo credit: MShirley Photography Tampa

Misconceptions about professional cleaners

I had some doubts floating in my head and many of them were from other peoples voices. Things like “its so expensive” and “they don’t really clean anyway”. When I sat with the owner during our intake interview I went over these doubts and she put them to rest. Yes, it can seem expensive depending on your budget, but think of it this way- because I had more time (their services are freeing up time) I am able to do other things such as- meal prep which helps us save money. So in essence this is a win/win.

Prepping before the cleaning service

If you have gotten this far, you probably realize we did hire NYMHC, and I have been using them for some time now, I have gotten better at prepping prior to them coming, but before the service started I couldn’t find anything on Google that would tell me what I needed to do before they arrived to get my house ready. I am going to tell you, one thing you don’t have to do before they arrive to clean is- CLEAN. Here are some things you should do:

  • Lay clean sheets on all beds that you want them to make.
  • Pick up and put away all small items especially toys because the cleaners are there to clean and not to organize a bunch of toys.
  • Pick and put away any loose clothing.
  • Clear countertops (think putting away cups, mail, etc)
  • Put away any dishes in the sink.
  • Declutter any other areas as to clear space for cleaning.
  • Leave out special cleaning supplies you want used.
  • Put pets in crate or take them out of the house, this gives them more space and room to clean.

The after

What happens while I am gone, I am not completely sure of. I can’t advise what room they start in or where they end. What I can tell you is my house always looks amazing, and I have been that person to look under furniture to check if they actually vacuum and or dusted and they did! I come home to a freshly made bed (think hotel style) my tub is ready for me to take a nice soak in (or in my case the little girls have it ready for a bubble bath, lets be real) and I even find hand towels neatly shaped on the bathroom vanity. Special touches and a freshly clean home with incredibly professional service is what I receive and I don’t regret adding this service into our family budget because Danielle is a fellow Mama and cares about us and our family.

Circle back with any questions, or doubts about finding a home cleaning service. If you are in Tampa message Not Your Mother’s Housecleaners for a complimentary quote.

Thanks for reading, and until next time!

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