How to score the best Fashion via Amazon

It is no secret, we all love Amazon shopping, am I right?

I stay so busy with my kiddos, family and my career so I am so thankful that if I am in need of something quick I can always rely on Amazon. I pick up things for the house, the kids, gifts for friends or family and even business supplies.

The one thing that I had never tapped into was fashion. I stumbled upon Lauren’s page, she goes by xosimplylo and I was instantly hooked on her weekly Amazon haul try on’s. Lauren calls herself the blogger without a blog which I found hilarious. Her Amazon hauls include pieces that any of of Mamas would appreciate, and she gives us such a thorough review, really takes all our leg work away, and for that I thank her. I (KC) wanted to sit down with Lauren (LO) and learn more about what got her into shopping for clothing, accessories, shoes via Amazon and how she narrows down her search.

KC: When did you first notice that Amazon had pieces that are affordable and high fashion, available?

LO: “Well, I have been a Amazon lover (addict) for many years. But, I would say about two years ago I noticed that they were really starting to carry some higher-end brands. And their apparel section began to really catch my eye.”

Lauren mentioned to me that she reads tons of the reviews on items she has narrowed down, she feels people are generally honest when taking the time to write a review on an item. She does send pieces back that don’t meet her quality standards. What I love about Lauren is that she eliminates the process of error for us, her viewers.

KC: Do you also find clothing items for your kids? If so, what’s your favorite clothing items to shop for them via Amazon?
LO: “I have found many things for my kids through Amazon. I always seem to find great shoes for them. My oldest Son wanted a pair of specific light up LED shoes that came with a remote. Within a few seconds of searching, they were in my cart. And you just can NOT beat that two day prime shipping. Much better than dragging the kids to the store for shoe shopping. (*Amen Mama’s?!)”
KC:  What clothing items do you ONLY buy in person and skip Amazon?
LO: “This one is hard because there really isn’t much I haven’t purchase through amazon. But, I would have to say undergarments such as undies and bras. I’m pretty picky about those type of items so I usually pick them up in person.”
Lauren added that it is super easy to send an item back for return (something I haven’t done because I honestly thought it was time consuming). She adds that “All you have to do is go to your recent orders list and click return. Select your reason why and then print out a return label and drop your package off at the nearest UPS store or pay a small return fee and have UPS pick up the item right from your home. So easy and convenient.”
Like I mentioned before what attracted me to her Instagram page was her Amazon hauls, she has one every week, it has become the highlight of my week and we won’t tell my husband she is the reason my Amazon cart is full.
KC: Tell us a bit more about your hauls? For those of us that are hooked do you plan on creating a YouTube channel to showcase the hauls alone?
LO: “Every week I reach out to my viewers and ask what they would like to see for the up and coming weeks haul. Then I begin my hunt for whatever it may be, this week it’s all about casual outerwear. Usually my hauls are shared Thursday or Friday of every week. I share a try-on session for each item and give a detailed breakdown on how the item compares to the description online. As of now I don’t have any plans to venture into the YouTube world. But, I never say never.”
KC: What’s the best high fashion piece you’ve purchased from Amazon?
LO: “I’ve got to say the Gucci belt dupe! And it’s probably the cheapest! For $10 It’s just such a good dupe. It’s a fan favorite, for sure!”

I am so thankful to Lauren for sitting down with me and going over her tips and tricks, take a peak at her shop via Amazon: Lauren’s shop. I have already picked up some boots and other pieces and I am currently waiting for my bell bottoms to arrive (pictured here).

Don’t forget to take a peak at her haul which she posts on Friday’s!

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