Motherhood and style

Yamel was approached by Joce Black of xoNecole for a 2018 Mother's Day feature in regards to what she loves most about being a mom and how she maintains her personal style. "Motherhood is much like the the ocean it's so big and never ending. The needs of my children from eldest (20 years old) to my youngest (two years old), although vastly different and unique, they still require all my strength, wisdom, and techniques that mothering five children has gifted me."

Head on over to xoNECOLE to read the rest of this blog entry and what Yamel says about personal style. 

Bold online

Yamel was approached by Bold Online Magazine during the Spring outfit idea segment. Yamel is known to incorporate bold and bright colors in her style, so this was a natural fit. Head over to Bold Online Magazine to read the entire post.

Tampa Bay Parenting

Tampa Bay Parenting's Mother's Day edition was a special one. Yamel was approached by the editors to be featured as one of Tampa's Momfluencers to follow. This edition featured some amazing moms, and we were honored to be a part of it. Tampa Bay Parenting states: "These local blogging and social media Mamas have our attention". To see the entire edition of the magazine, head over to Tampa Bay Parenting May edition.