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Happy Friday Eve friends!

As promised we are going to continue with the “Party of Seven” series and give you an inside look on what its like to parent each of these age groups I have at home.

I took a little break from the series and now I am switching it up a bit, I was going in age order (youngest to oldest) but I started thinking…….. am going to leave my Prince for last. I really want to dive into his piece and be able to help all you boy moms.

Next up is Tatianna, my Diva. Tatianna’s 18th birthday is today February 28th and boy was her birth a story to tell. I almost delivered her in the car!! By the time we made it to the hospital she was crowning and the nurses were yelling for me to “don’t push, doctor isn’t here yet!”

In true Tatianna Fashion, she came when SHE felt it was time and I can tell you this girl has been like this from the moment she came out of the womb. She is extremely determined, strong willed, but with the softest heart.

I tell everyone parenting girls is very expensive and Tatianna is probably my most expensive lady, she has an eye for Fashion and high end pieces. She has had an eye for Fashion probably since Kindergarten when she started telling us she would have her own clothing line when she grew up. If you follow my Instagram stories you would know Tatianna recently was accepted to Savannah College of Art and Design and she created an amazing dress for her portfolio to FIT in New York (we are impatiently waiting on their response to her application). I know she is destined for great things.

Some tips on parenting teens, know that each teen is going to be vastly different and you must meet them at their comfort level. Also- don’t let parents scare you, all teens are not irrational, disrespectful and crazy, I feel this has to do with how confident we are as parents and asserting our authority appropriately.

Tatianna is my child that at times enjoys time alone, and it took me some time to feel ok with letting her be ALONE. She is also very pensive, she takes her time to make decisions, she isn’t the type of teen that needs a lot of friends and she is extremely strong willed.

I experienced my first (my daughter had a heartbreak) moment with Tatianna and I learned so much. I learned about forgiveness and I also learned how resilient our children are and that with our love they blossom and are able to overcome even the toughest situations.

Fun fact about Tati: She is my Fashion stylist/advisor. I LOVE shopping with her, looking at trends, styling pieces and so forth. I enjoy watching her sew and create looks that just come to her head and I can’t wait to see all she accomplishes in her college career. Be on the lookout for her prom looks coming up in about a month.


Happy Birthday my beauty!



Mom AKA Kurlycrown

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