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Happy New Year!

If you have been with Kurlycrown for a while you all know I have a huge age gap in between the kids. I have older girls which are ages 20 and 17. Our sweet boy is in the middle, he is age 12. Then I have littles- ages four and the baby of the crew who just turned three.

I am often asked how it is to parent all these vastly different ages at the same time, so I thought it would be a great idea to share a little something about all these age groups with you. Hopefully we can laugh about things we have in common, or cry about how they make us crazy. We will title this series- Party of Seven.

Lets begin with the baby, who we named Alanna Marley. Alanna just turned three on December 7th. Alanna makes us a party of seven and she happens to be my parents seventh grandchild. How cool is that?

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Experiencing this age for the fifth time has been so different, you would think I would be a pro by now. Actually, I have had to re-learn so many things including potty training. The main advice I have to offer in regards to potty training is- be patient and lots of gentle reminders. We find ourselves saying “Alanna do you have to go potty?” almost all day, in order to prevent any accidents. Luckily, she has been fully potty trained for some time now, but it was a challenge and we still have the occasional “oops” moments. I remind myself that being a three year old must be hard, having to remember which toy you’re gonna fight over is serious business.

Next- This age is full of imagination and at times independent play. Alanna loves playing with her doll house, and filling her little purses full of random things (if you ever lose your keys or the garage opener, check your three year olds bag). She most enjoys playing dress up, she has this Nemo dress that we can’t seem to hide, she puts it on so much its hilarious.

What I love most about my little three year old, is her widdle voice. OMG if I could bottle up her voice and how she pronounces things (such as the word “really” she says “wheely”) so that I can hear that for the rest of my life I would be the happiest person. I make sure to take in as many snuggles as I can because I know I will blink and she will be 20 years old (trust me its happened to me). Yes, she still occasionally sleeps with us (judge away) and most of all she is the perfect cherry on top to our family Sunday.

See you in the next edition of this series, let me know what questions you have about parenting an almost five year old (actually she may be five by the time that blog is published!).

(Alanna’s entire outfit is from Gymboree, I seriously love their rompers and head accessories).

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