Quick and easy weekday meal| Instapot chicken tacos

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As promised based on a recent Instagram pole you all wanted to get a recipe on a quick weekday meal. If you are anything like me, you are rushing to finish up your work day, trying to get the little’s settled and thinking of what you can feed everyone that will be quick, delicious, and healthy. At times this job can be a little exhausting, right? but don’t worry I am here to help. One of my weekday cooking tips is to use your instant, crock pot or oven as much as possible because while your food is cooking you could be doing something else, such as bathing the kids, or reviewing homework (multi tasking at its finest).

What you need:

-1 1/2 lbs boneless  chicken breast

-your favorite package of taco seasoning

-16 oz jar of salsa (tostitos for example)

-1/2 cup of water

-your favorite instant rice pouches as a side dish

-cucumber, cilantro for garnish

-queso fresco crumbling cheese

-corn or flower tortillas

Prep time: 10 minutes | Cook time: 20 minutes (Instapot) 45 minutes (conventional oven at 375)

Photo courtesy of pressurecookingtoday.com

  1. Drizzle taco seasoning on chicken breast, place chicken breast in instapot and add salsa as well as water (remember with an instapot extra water will create the steam in the pressure cooker in order to help cook your item). Set on poultry, high pressure, and for 20 minutes.
  2. While your meat starts cooking prep your cucumber, cilantro, place your rice pouches in microwave per instructions and crumble some cheese.
  3. Once your pressure cooker alarms, allow the steam to release, open lid and shred the chicken with a fork and knife, your chicken is going to be extra juicy. Build your tacos on warmed tortilla and plate with your toppings of choice as well as cheese and I added cherry tomatoes to my plate, yummy.

I know many don’t own an instapot, although I highly recommend you pick one up it will make your life so much easier. An alternative is following my instructions, placing the chicken in an 8×10 baking dish in the over on 375 degrees for 45 minutes.

Let me know if you make this, my family really enjoys it. Happy cooking!


Until next time.


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