What’s an oxygen facial? and why you need it.

Hello my wonderful community!

If you have been following my Instagram, you know I recently had a Spa morning at the amazing Cielo Spa in Tampa. I went in with troubled skin, I am acne prone and reached out because I was on the hunt for a new aesthetician who can address my needs but not only that I wanted a place that I can actually have an experience. You all know I am a Mom of five, so time to myself is few and far between.

I touched base with Krissy who asked me a couple of questions about what was going on with my skin and she suggested a pore cleansing facial topped off with an oxygen facial. I know you are wondering, what is an oxygen facial? right. As an RN I can tell you that every cell in your body needs oxygen or O2 to function. So I was intrigued when Krissy suggested this service, but hey I am game and I trusted it would have great results, which it did!

My service started with a foot massage infused with lavender out in the lawn area, I must say if they would have stopped here I would have probably be just as satisfied.

After I finished face timing all my friends to show them my amazing spa experience (J/K) we moved into the treatment room for my facial which I experienced with aesthetician- Nicell. Niccell was lovely and took time to explain each step, she took me to a deep relaxation even while performing a good cleanse, extractions, a light peel and of course the oxygen facial at the end.

So I know you are here to learn all about this oxygen facial I initially detailed, and here it is:

The oxygen facial is done by exposing the skin with oxygen that is infused with vitamins, loaded with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. The oxygen facial is extremely restorative, reparative and healing. I can personally disclose that I felt like it reset my skin. I was experiencing horrible breakouts and since my oxygen facial in mid August my skin has been clearer and has a better tone. Ive also noted that my care products absorb better since experiencing this facial.

Hope you all consider stopping by, if you have any questions reach out to owner Krissy at Cielo Spa.

You deserve a spa day!


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